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Forging Products

Trust Machinery for Sale for new Forging Products!

MACHINERY FOR SALE is your One Stop Shop for custom open die and rolled ring forgings. Whether you need bars, rings, discs, shafts, vessel, cylinder or custom-shaped parts, we can provide a cost-effective, timely, forging solution.


MACHINERY FOR SALE, through its China partner’s three operating companies, is a world-wide supplier of heavy industrial components for the metals, power generation, shipbuilding and aerospace industries. Technical excellence in our core competencies - melting, casting, forging, heat treating and machining - allow us to provide a superior product and meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Following are some of the markets we serve:


Engine and Turbine

Customer Forging

Gear/Power Transmission 

Metalworking Machinery


Oil and Gas Field

Power Generation






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