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Machinery for Sale provides complete machinery repair services wherever you are and whenever you need them. We offer on-site support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those problems that just can’t wait until tomorrow. At Machinery for Sale, we understand that many companies work all day, every day and machinery issues can stop production, costing you valuable labor and production costs. has the electrical and mechanical engineers on staff ready to be deployed to assist with your problem; a service manager is available 24/7 for machinery repair services. Some of the machinery we can repair includes:

Steel Processing
Gear Cutters
Mining Equipment
Press Room Equipment uses three strategically located full service machine shops that can remanufacture virtually any components if necessary. Our test facility in Toledo, Ohio features more than 250,000 square feet of space, 50 ton cranes, and 100 amp service. Runoff testing is easily handled in our Toledo facility.

state-of-the-art equipmentAt Machinery for Sale, our staff of engineers is available to assist in modifications, upgrades, or the implementation of entire new manufacturing systems.  Their experience from pit design through integrated automation has proved invaluable to numerous previous customers both domestically and internationally.

Contact the experienced professionals at Machinery for Sale for all of your used press room equipment and new press room equipment needs as well as foundation design, plant relocation, machine repair , warehousing and rigging.

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