Grinding Machinery for Sale

Machinery for Sale offers a comprehensive range of grinders to fit your needs, including surface grinders, universal gringers and centerless grinders. Our inventory changes frequently, so check back often.

Some of the grinders and grinding machinery that we sell include:

60” Blanchard 32HD60 geared head rotary surface grinder
60” x 30” Hill Acme heavy duty surface grinder
Cincinnati model “DR” Cinco 15 centerless grinder
8” x 18” Gallmeyer & Livingston hydraulic surface grinder
8” x 16” Brown & Sharp Valuemaster universal grinder
8” x 24” Doall hydraulic surface grinder
8” x 16” Blohm hydraulic surface grinder
6” x 12” Brown & Sharp hand surface grinder
72” Blanchard rotary surface ring grinder

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At Machinery for Sale, we are in the business of buying and selling used press room equipment and new press room equipment. We have a friendly and knowledgeable service staff that is ready to help you find the perfect press room equipment for your company.

We are happy to provide a forum in which our clients can advertise their press equipment for FREE. That’s not a misprint. We want to gain your trust and confidence. We will let you advertise your shears, feeders, presses, rollformers, welders, VTLs, CNC mills and most other press room equipment directly on our site for free! There are no hidden monthly fees; we WANT to sell your press equipment. Your listing can stay up as long as the product is for sale. We are NOT an auction. Click here for more information on selling your press room equipment with Machinery for Sale.

Contact the experienced professionals at Machinery for Sale for all of your used press room equipment and new press room equipment needs as well as foundation design, plant relocation, machine repair, warehousingand rigging.

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